Adirondack Woman…..

I’m an eclectic soul, and  (or I have ADD, either works) a little sarcastic. Organized chaos seems to describe me pretty well.  I love meeting new people, good thing, since my husband was military, right?  I’m a steadfast friend when you’ve earned my trust, but tend to have a quick temper if wronged.

I asked a very dear friend, who I consider family, how he would describe me…his response?  (HIS OWN WORDS)”Determined, Honest, Family Orientated, Mom, Tough Ass Adirondack Woman”.  Lol,  that made me laugh, and smile.  I AM an Adirondack woman, used to 10 ft snow drifts, and love that there aren’t poisonous creepy crawlers that can withstand this cold.  I’ll take bundling up over sweating my very own pool to swim in.

Determined?  I guess so, I was born with a rare bone disease (Multiple Epiphysea Dysplasia), which led to early onset of Severe Degenerative Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, female, and a few other issues.  At 33,  I had the first of four (4)major joint replacement surgeries. (With 2 year old twins in tow).  Spinal injections for deterioration of my spine throughout the years.  So yes, I have a handicap placard, and yes, I get stares since I’m not in a wheelchair.  I just laugh, people don’t know me.  My husband and I know my life and that’s enough.  I’m determined to not let this stupid disease stop me from trying my best.

My honesty gets me in trouble sometimes.  I’m blunt (a gift from my father), and I can’t seem to keep my mouth shut without thinking first.  Sometimes that’s good, sometimes…not so much.   I like to make everyone feel comfortable, which often leads me into trouble.

Family oriented, comes naturally.  I had my kids way after most my friends did.  I'd do anything for our kids, as most parents would.  We had boy/girl twins, they were preemies...only 6.5 weeks early though, but our daughter has high functioning autism, our son doesn't.  She's so high functioning we couldn't get a firm diagnosis until she was 17. There will be blogs about our life as Parents with a HF ASD pre-adult.  I'm hoping it will help others in their journey.

I guess I’m a myriad of mixings…alot of people are, they either wear that flag with pride or bury it.  I’m up here in Northern New York waving that flag proudly.

You will find an eclectic mix of blogs from me.  It’ll be interesting at least, right?