Bear With Me

You would think I’d have everything I wanted to write, already in my head?  Well, not me.  I seem to just let whatever pour out, and sometimes it’s good, sometimes not so good.

I’m learning this,  on my own, so please bear with me as I fumble through what I hope will be a decent blog site, with a plethora of information and readers.

I am a 50 year YOUNG married woman with two kids.  Twins to be exact, and the boy/girl combo, and no, they aren’t identical (yes I get asked that a lot).  They are now 19, so in college now.  We actually got through high school without incident.  As I get this blog site up and running properly I will be introducing some information that got me through the years as a military spouse, a stay at home, disabled, mother of twins.

Thank you for stopping by, I promise this adventure will be worth it. (I hope)!