Tupper Lake or Bust

So we went with our college bound daughter to the Wild Center in Tupper Lake, New York.  Check out their website


The crisp pre-fall breeze mixed with sunshine was wonderful!  It was a lot of walking, but quite honestly (I can say this now since I’ve put my feet up and resting from the walking), it was very much worth it.

The ‘last minute before school’ families were there,  as their kids were running from one end to the other.  The Nature Walk Trail is amazing.  You walk through a very nicely groomed path, to the bridge paths, with tons of information about the birds, insects, nests, spiders and more, that are natural inhabitants of the Adirondack region.   You wind up in a huge replica Eagles nest, overlooking breathtaking scenery.

We took some wonderful pictures, perused the gift shop, I even chatted with a sweet little girl who sat bravely next to the lady, that had to have the look of physical defeat on her face 😁.

We left the Wild Center, heading towards Long Lake NY and the little towns along the way (Inlet, Eagles Bay, Old Forge) and decided to stop at a hidden gem, Daikers, between Inlet and Old Forge.  If you haven’t been there yet, you must check it out!  Gorgeous scenery overlooking Long Lake, great food, great service.

A few more stops along the way in Old Forge and Just outside of Lowville at a country store for pure local honey, and homeward bound we are.

Great memories to have with our daughter,  days we will cherish throughout the years.

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