200PCS Female Wire Terminals Spade Crimp Connectors Fully Insulated Nylon Quick

I ordered this bag of Female Wire Terminal connectors for my husband who tinkers in the garage pretty often and is always making a trip to one of the brick and mortar stores, in search of just one little thing, and ends up purchasing quite a bit more. He has been using these little connectors for a project he’s working on, and just ran out, so perfect timing.
These are light blue, easy to connect and crimp. These are much easier to use then splicing and rewiring, especially since my husband is colorblind. He says these will work with wires gauging from 12-16. He’s not an electrician by any means but does his best to rewire, and fix things.
These connectors came in a bag not resealable, so I had to put them in a container to put in the garage. The inside workings are made of copper, so no worrying about corrosion. These are great to have handy!

DISCLAIMER: I received this product discounted in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. My discount does not influence my review in any way

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