NEW DESIGN, Rust Proof Mason Jar Liquid Soap or Lotion Dispenser Pump and Lid Kit Set for Standard Regular Mouth Jars (JAR NOT INCLUDED) Latest Design only by KRUVAN

I make alot of my own soaps, with my essential oils so when I saw this pump that fits perfectly on my canning jars, it was a no brainer.
I pulled one of my jars down and tried the pump lid on it and it’ll work wonderfully.
It’s made of strong stainless steel so won’t rust, nor will the style or coloring fade.
I love the rustic look, it suits my eclectic style perfectly. This will work great in my kitchen, bathroom, garden sink, anywhere. I’ve already been asked where I got this a few times.
This would make an excellent gift filled with homemade soap or even your dish soap with a couple hand towels. I would definitely recommend this product to my family and friends.
DISCLAIMER: I received this product discounted in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. My discount does not influence my review in any way

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