JimTab® Digital Voice Recorder, Dvr-116,4gb,Record Telephone Conversations,USB plug & play,no need USB cable

I ordered this JimTab Digital Voice Recorder for my husband, who is always forgetting everything. I thought this would be a great little gadget for him to carry. It’s very compact, fits anywhere.

Not only is this a digital recorder, but it also serves as a USB, you can transfer information, a music player, and voice activated just to name a few things this recorder is used for.
This has an automatic shut off so you don’t drain the battery by forgetting it’s on.
I’m not a techie by any sorts, and I figured this out so I’m happy with this.
This recorder has a built-in high capacity polymer battery/AAA, built-in loudspeaker, A-B Marker repeat, time stamp and many more functions.
The company offers a one year hardware warranty, but does not cover any lost material due to operator error. (HA! Exactly what my issue would be lol). I did a “testing 1 2 3” recording and it worked perfectly.
You can record phone conversations, which with certain companies it’s almost mandatory.
This is really a great recorder and I’m fortunate to be able to give it to my husband to help out at work.
DISCLAIMER: I received this product discounted in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. My discount does not influence my review in any way.

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