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Photo Printer Wireless Color Label Printer Multifunction Portable Digital Photo Booth Printer Works With Mobile Phone iPad iPhone Tablets Art Printer Mailing Address Label Includes FREE App by Zink

So I am a self-proclaimed crafter. I love all the new gadgets that come out, and when I saw this Photo Printer Wireless Color Label Printer Multifunction Portable Digital Photo Booth Printer Works, With Mobile Phone iPad iPhone Tablets Art Printer Mailing Address Label Includes FREE App by Zink, I absolutely couldn’t resist buying it. The day I got it, I was like a mom of five kids after a long day of parenting, looking at a bottle of wine, or whatever their vise may be. I couldn’t’ wait to open it!

This wireless Photo Printer came in a very well packed box, with separate compartments for each item, surrounded by foam, so nothing would get damaged in the shipment. I couldn’t’ believe how small this was, and kept wondering to myself, what in the world would come out of this little electronic box that I could actually use? This probably weighs about 3lbs with all the gear. I grabbed the booklet that was secured in the lid, and started reading. This little box of wonderful does alot. This can make shipping labels, photographs, business cards, scrapbook decor, photobooth selfie pictures, and so much more. There are no boundaries to what this compact wireless printer can do.
You simply download the free app on either Playstore for an Android system or App Store for Iphone systems. This works with Androids systems, Iphones, Ipads. While it was downloading I unwrapped the cleaning cartridge, unwrapped the cords, attached everything to the appropriate ports, and plugged it in. When I plugged it in, I pushed lightly on the internet button, watched as the button turned white.
Upon completion of the download on my Android Phone, I followed the directions given to connect the phone app to the printer. I have wifi at home so I wanted to make sure the unit uses wifi, not data. You can pair this with your phone and take it with you anywhere, and use your data. You just need a place to plug it into. After ensuring the two were connected, I followed directions and printed out the cleaning cartridge sheet. Then I removed the white cleaning cartridge and replaced it with the green cartridge. The internet icon on the top will tell you if you are using your phones, by turning white, or blue if you are using wifi. I then went into settings to ensure the phone and printer were connected, then started a project to test it out on. There are a multitude of fonts, backgrounds, frames, etc…for you to download for free from the app. I had a blast using this, and just ordered more paper, and a carrying case to take this with me wherever I might go.
The strips that come with the printer are label size, and self adhesive. This would be great to use for labeling, making your very own custom labels. Great way to label your child’s items for school, thermo’s, phones, etc. Anything you could think to throw a label on you can use it for.

I am beyond happy with this product, and cannot wait to get more paper, and ideas.
DISCLAIMER: I received this product free for my honest and unbiased review. My discount does not affect my review in any way. I give a completely honest review no matter what is paid. I read reviews before I purchase an item, and want the truth as well.


I'm a 52 year old YOUNG woman, mom of adult twins, that seems to forget I'm not 18 anymore🤣 I have tons of ideas to blog about, and might touch on them all....more to come soon.

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