Cosmos® 8 Pcs Case Resettable 5 Digit LCD Electronic Finger Counter Hand Tally (Black, Hot Pink, Green, Blue)

I’m learning to crotchet, and that in itself is a struggle, and the struggle is real people, lol. This little gadget is neat!  You simply size it to your finger (little holes like a watch would have), slide it onto your finger and the button is easy to reach to count each crotchet or line you do.  I’m trying desperately to learn patterns, and this is actually helping.  Certain patterns require so many of one type stitch while another requires a different and each have different counts.  This 8-pc set comes in four different colors, so if you wanted one for one type stitch, and another for a different type stitch, it’s easy to keep separate.

I’m glad I purchased these handy-dandy little counters.  I have a feeling I’ll be using them ALOT.  Might even end up throwing them since I will get frustrated with my inability to crotchet like a pro from the start, lol.  Just for the record, I purchased these at full price, and I happen to think it’s an excellent price for a bit of sanity while I learn a new craft 🙂


check it out here!!!

Anmao Men’s Stainless Steel Simple Black Cross Pendant Lord’s Prayer Cross Necklace for Men for Women 20 Inch E-01

I bought this Pendant with the Lord’s Prayer Cross for Men and Women, as a gift.  I’m not going to say who this is for, as I know quite a few on my gift list read these 😛

This Pendant come in a nice gift box, and definitely is stainless steel.  It’s quite a bit heavier then I thought it would be.  The back is silver, etched, while the front of the Pendant is Black enameled with the Lord’s Prayer in fine print all through it.  The 20 inch chain is nice and solidly made. The clasps aren’t thin and cheap at all.  Very nice Pendant, and I’m very pleased with it.

I did receive this Pendant free.  However, I am NOT obligated in any way to leave an opinion, I do so on my own accord.  I prefer making an educated purchase when I spend my hard earned money, so I review alot of items BEFORE making a purchase myself.  I pay back the favor.

If you are interested in pricing this or checking it out, please click the following link and enjoy 🙂

PADEK Winter Windproof Warm Camouflage Mask Ear Flaps Trapper Trooper Hat Outdoor Sports Walking Skiing Hunting Hat Sold by: PADEK

Winter is just at the bend, and the cool temperatures have decided to set in.  That means frozen noses, wind-chapped cheeks.  My husband and my son hunt, so they are outdoors quite a bit.  I ordered this Russian hunting ski mask to keep one of them warm, but I liked it so much when it came in, I’m keeping it for myself. I ordered one that had some purple in it, so I must have subconsciously wanted it anyway, but I think my daughter might end up with this, she loves purple.   I know there’s no way either of the men in my family would wear purple! 😛

This Ski mask is 100% Polyester Outer Shell and Inner Lining.  This is wind and water resistant so it will definitely keep you dry and warm.  One size fits all with this mask, and this also has an adjustable chin strap.  The earflaps and front flap are lined with Faux fur, and the outside ear flaps can be adjusted to up or down.

This ski mask will be great for alot of activities, to include and not limited to, snowboarding, skiing, cross country skiing, or just to be outside building a snowman! Great way to keep warm.

I did receive this discounted.  I’m not under any obligation to leave my opinion for this discount, I do so at my own discretion.  Any discount I receive, does not alter my opinion in any way.  If you decide you’d like to check this item out, please follow the below link and enjoy!!!!

#1 Breathe Again Essential Oils Blend for Sinus Relief – Supports Allergies, Cold & Congestion Relief – 100% Pure & Therapeutic Grade by Aviano Botanicals

Sinus issues run rampant in my family this time of the year.   Between the fluctuating weather and seasonal allergies, it makes for some very stuffy noses.

This Breathe Again essential oil works wonderfully.  This essential oil is 100% therapeutic, and natural.  Using natural remedies works best in our family.  I don’t like using Big Pharma medicines unless I have tried absolutely everything I can first.

The all natural 100% Pure ingredients are Peppermint, Spearmint, Lavender, Lemon, Rosemary, and Eucalyptus.  You can either diffuse this throughout your home or place small amount on your temples or near your nostrils to help you breath a bit better.  We love this essential oil blend!

I received this product discounted.  I am under no obligation to give an opinion. I provide my opinion on my own accord. I personally read reviews before I purchase an item.   I like to make an educated purchase.

If you are interested in checking out the essential oil, grab the link below and enjoy!



Motion Activated Toilet Night light, Fortech Toilet Bowl Light, Motion Sensing Night Light 8-Color Changes(Only Activate in Darkness)

Very cool nightlight!  No stumbling in the dark looking for the toilet in the middle of the night!!  Easy to see it’s all lit up!

This toilet light is activated in the dark, and changes with 8 colors.  You can set your favorite color or have it change randomly.

This light takes three AAA batteries, that’s one downside to this nightlight, but, but does only operate when it detects movement, so that will save on batteries. This is easy to clean, only use a washcloth.  The arm is easily adjusted to fit your bowl size.

I did receive this Light bowl nightlight discounted, but with no obligation to give an opinion.   I provide my opinion on my own accord.   I personally read reviews before I purchase an item, I like to make an educated purchase. 

If you are interested in checking out the light, follow the link below.

YOYONY engraved message “She believed she could so she did” inspirational leather cuff bracelet

This is a great quote…and a quote we all need to remind ourselves, daily.  This bracelet with the quote “She believed She Could So She Did”, is very nicely engraved into the steel plated jewelry piece.  The leather strap is great quality leather, with silver clasps, and comes in a very pretty blue velvet gift bag.  

This bracelet will go with anything you may decide to wear, to include any other type of jewelry.  This would also be a great gift for anyone in your shopping list.

I did receive this bracelet discounted.   I am under no obligation to give an opinion.   I provide my opinion on my own accord.   I personally read reviews before I purchase an item.  I like to make an educated purchase. 

If you feel like checking this item out, follow the link below and enjoy!

YOYONY silver stamped” You were given this life..” inspirational bracelet with black leather strap

Such a nice bracelet!  Inspirational, in style, great quality!  What more could you ask for?  A nice gift bag?  Done!

The quote “You were given this life because you are strong enough to live it”, is a very strong, promising quote.  It’s a great reminder that we are all strong enough to handle much more then what we think we can.  

This strap is nice quality leather, and silver clasp.  The strap is long so you can create your own style of bracelet straps. This bracelet will look great with any type of clothing you would wear, and with any other type bracelet.  The red gift bag is a very elegant gift bag and will hold this and other bracelets nicely.

I did receive this bracelet discounted, but I am under no obligation to give an opinion.   I provide my opinion on my own accord.   Ask my husband, I love giving my opinion!  Lol.

If you would like to check this out, follow this link and enjoy!

Generic Sterling Silver and Cubic Zirconia Dragonfly Pendant Necklace

Very pretty gold chain with gold Dragonfly cubic zirconia necklace.   This necklace is very pretty and I love the length, it is a great length for sweaters, cardigans, tank tops, really anything you wear.

The gold is very bright, very pretty, and the white stones shine.  The clasp is the typical lobster claw clasp, holds tightly and securely.

Very nice necklace, would be a great gift for anyone.  I did receive this necklace at a discount.  My discount does not influence my opinion.  I’m under no obligation to give an opinion. I provide my opinion on my own accord. 


It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year Most Wonderful Time of the Year Beverage Cocktail Napkins – Set of 25 white paper holiday napkins with red 

Perfect dessert napkins for the upcoming holidays, off-white napkins with red foiled quote with twigs and pinecones surrounding “It’s the most Wonderful Time of the Year”.

There are 26 napkins in this package (always an extra needed).  The off-white with the pretty red foil wording have a classic look and will complement any decor theme you may have in mind for a holiday party.

I received these napkins discounted, with no obligation to give an opinion, but like my husband explains, I love giving my opinion!  Lol.  I’m under no obligation to give an opinion, good, bad or ugly.

If you would like to check these out, follow the below link and enjoy!!

Christmas Cats Holiday Card Assortment Pack – Set of 25 cards – 5 of each design, versed inside with envelopes 

How cute!!!  These Cute Cat Christmas cards are adorable! There are 25 cards and envelopes in this set, with different poses to choose from.  Very nice holiday wishes with little paw prints beside them.  These cards come in groups of five, so you have five same cards in this group of 25.

Hard to believe Christmas is just around the corner, so getting started early is a great way to reduce your stress.  These cards make it easy to get one thing done in your checklist!
I received these cards at a reduced price for giving my honest opinion.  These cards are thick cardstock, thicker then I thought they would be, and the images absolutely adorable!

My discount does not influence my review in any way.   I give an honest and unbiased opinion, as I expect the same of others when I look at reviews before making a purchase.

If  you would like to check out these adorable cards, copy and paste the link below and enjoy!