Flora Mcqueen 18″X13.75″ Gym Sack Bag Drawstring Backpack Sport Bag for Men & Women School Travel Backpack for Teens College Girls Sackpack (Smile Faces)

Very cute bag!  This bag will be very much appreciated by my daughter at school, or by a neighbor’s teen daughter.  I won’t bore you with the sizes as they are listed in the above title, but this 18×13 (about) bag is a great size for books, gym clothes, shoes, goodies, anything that any kid might need to haul around.

This bag does have shoulder straps so you can put it on your back and not worry about dragging it or losing it.  The material is white, and not see through, but you can see darker objects in it.  It’s silky to the touch and I love all the Smiley Faces!  Depicts your week pretty well, lol.

It’s a very cute bag and would make a great gift or part of a gift for anyone.

I did receive this bag for free for my honest and unbiased review.  Now, in saying that, don’t think I’m not being honest on my review.  I am in NO way obligated to give a review to this seller or any seller.  I decided to do this on my own accord.  If I want to purchase an item, I look at the reviews, whether it be large or small items.  I want the good, the bad and the ugly on any item.  I got this item because I want to give it to someone, not to hoard in a closet.

If you are interested in looking at the item on Amazon.com just follow the link below:)



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