LCD Digital Kitchen Cooking Timer Count-Down Up Clock Loud Alarm with Magnetic Stand, White

I ordered this timer for my son, who just decided to rent an apartment for college instead of staying in dorms.  His best item to cook is mac n cheese and I don’t think that will last long before he decides to learn to cook.  I tried, but he wasn’t having it.

This timer is white and has a LCD display which is pretty large, so you can see it from a distance not to far from the kitchen.  This timer counts up and down so you can use it as a stop watch as well.  The alarm is very loud, no mistaking it is going off.

The back is magnetic and also has a stand, so you can put it on the fridge or on the counter for easy use.  This also has a hook for hanging if you need to or want to.  This timer requires a AAA battery, it is not included.  The on and off button is on the side, for easy use as well.  You push both buttons to clear the time after you’ve finished with it.

I received this timer for free, for my unbiased and honest review.  In saying that, I am NOT required to leave a review, it’s totally at my own discretion.  I give a fair review on whatever item I am reviewing, whether it was full price or discounted.  I read the reviews on products I am planning on purchasing, as I want the good the bad and the ugly so I have an educated edge before spending my hard earned money.

You can buy this here if you’re interested 🙂

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