Primode Space Saver Vacuum Storage Bags, 20 Count Value Pack – Saves Space & Protects Clothing Easy-to-Use (Set Of 20)

So we are on the downhill slope of being close to retirement from one part of life, and moving on to the next.  This also means downsizing.  There are certain things I will NOT part with, in the lines of blankets that were made by my mom, or outfits I brought the kids home from the hospital in.  Non-negotiable.

I saw these Space Saver Vacuum Storage bags, and thought I’d give them a try.  I have seen these on TV and have always been skeptical, and quite honestly, my OCD doesn’t like the uneven storage…BUT this works like a charm.  I’m IMPRESSED.  That’s saying a lot…better still, my husband is impressed and it takes him ALOT to get impressed.

This set came with 20 bags, all different sizes, and the handpump.  That handpump sure gives your arm a workout!  I’m NOT thrilled about that, BUT it’s good for me, lol.  We never like anything that’s good for us, right?

I placed a pillow in the bag, to see how it works, I wanted to ensure it would actually work the way it claims.  I can safely and assuredly tell you, it does!  You simply unzip the bag, which comes with a zipper sealer, so don’t lose that, you’ll need it (not attached permanently).  You place your item into the bag, and unscrew the white lid to the pump hole, screw the pump on, and suction the air out with the air pump provided.  It really does work.  If you need storage of clothes, blankets, whatever, this will work.

I received these bags at a discount for my unbiased and honest review.  Don’t assume that I was required to post a review, I wasn’t.  I happen to do this on my own accord.  I like to read reviews on items I’m looking at purchasing, so I want the good bad and ugly on whatever item, so I can make an informed decision.

If you care to look at the specs of this product, follow this link 🙂

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