Reviewing In The News

So Amazon has changed their policy for reviewers and reviewing.  Basically in a nutshell, they only want their Vine reviewers to review products.  These Viners are chosen, you cannot apply, and sellers have to pay up to $1300 in fees to have reviewers.

We all know the little guy starting out cannot afford a $1300 fee just to have someone review an item.  In my opinion, and only mine, I can see both sides.  There are unscrupulous reviewers and sellers.  Some of the reviews I’ve read, you can tell the person reviewing never even tried the item out.  Some less then above the board sellers have, in the past, requested a 5 star vote (which I am very greedy about giving).  It’s people that have done this, that have made Amazon push to this extreme.  On the other hand, there are people that review that do an honest job and work hard to give an unbiased review.  It’s a slippery slope and I hope there is at least a fix to this slide.


Amazon knows what item you have been given a discount for, and what you have paid full price for.  Their update on the forum they provide says you can review the item, but cannot review items you got at a discount, or cannot say you got it at a discount…that’s where the FTC comes in.  You are required, by law, to state that you got the item at a discount if you did.  This is the FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION people…no one to mess with.  While no one is doing anything illegal….it is very frustrating to say the least.

Here’s a link to the FTC…in case you’re interested in reading 🙂

If you are a reviewer, a seller, or a passerbyer…just some points to ponder 🙂

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