Vehicle Repairs~My Vent for the Day

So this isn’t news.  Vehicle repair is costly.  Gone are the little guys on the corner that you could trust. Although, you can find one here and there, as a matter of fact, there is one in my hometown, in Harrisville, NY…we actually have a few repairmen that don’t rake you over the coals when its time to pay the bill, and you can trust them.   Replacing these landmarks are these huge conglomerate of money pits.  For example my Town and Country Mini Van.  I bought it brand new in 2011, has all the bells and whistles.  All these nice electronic extra’s are nice until they need fixed.  My side mirror blind spot sensors went out, you know what they are telling me they cost to repair?  $1000+!  That’s absolutely ridiculous!  So-add that per mirror, you’re looking at over $2000 just for little sensors.  The tire pressure system sensor?  well thats $185 just for that to stop dinging and irritating you, and the cat only knows what the heck they are good for.  Now take the blower, you know, the thing that pushes hot or cold air out, for your heat or air…it’s been making a really loud noise and to replace that?  $208!  I’m not even done…we have the switch to lock the doors with the main driver’s door…that’s been caput since I had it at a dealer the last time.  Well, that’s another $165.  Highway robbery!

Needless to say, I am opting out of replacing those blind spot sensors, which, by the way, Chrysler should have recalled that, from what I gather, it happens to them ALL.  Shame on Chrysler!  So just for those niceties, I’m looking at $550.  Just for little switches and buttons!  Technology isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be is it.  Oh, but wait, I’m TYPING on technology, right?  Such a conundrum I create right?

Seriously thinking about horse and buggy…but then you have to feed the horse, clean the horse’s poo up nonstop, and fix your buggy, and the cold in NY?  nope…not happening.  I just need a magic want like Harry Potter, I’d whip myself up a new vehicle, or a magic carpet.  But wait, then I’d have to clean THAT too.  Nevermind.



On a good note, its a beautiful fall day…sunshine and not so hot you need soap and shampoo when you walk outside, and I have spaghetti sauce in the Ninja Crockpot.  Enjoy your day everyone and yes, I do appreciate the fact I woke up and my family is ok, I’m just tired of Conglomerate Monopolizing Big Auto Greed Monsters.nicubunu-mouth-with-tongue