Women 2 Pack Knitted Button Boot Cuff Toppers Winter Leg Warmers Socks for Boots

I bought these Knitted Button Boot Cuff Toppers, Winter Leg Warmers Socks for Boots for my daughter, who loves her boots.  These boot cuffs are made of  95% acrylic 5% spandex, so they will keep shape easily.  They are 2.75 inches long with three buttons on each side for looks.  These are very lightweight, much lighter then I though that they would be.  Easily washable and will pop right back into shape.

These Button Boot Cuffs are great for a little extra flair for your outfit, to make it a bit more cozy, or more feminine in appearance.  These Button Boot Cuffs are great to keep snow out of your boots, it will keep your socks and legs dry, and add a bit more warmth.

They come in a set of two and I received beige and grey, I know my daughter will absolutely love these!  The price is great to grab a few sets, they make excellent gifts.

I received these Button Boot Cuffs with a discount for my unbiased and honest opinion.  I am in no way obligated to give a review, I do so on my own accord.  I read reviews on items I am looking to purchase, so I can base my purchase or non purchase on real opinions.

If you would like to check this out, please follow the link below and enjoy!


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