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Aimike Upgrade 12L(about 3.2Gal) Foldable Portable Collapsible Bucket

I bought this bucket unsure exactly what I’d use it for, but after receiving it and seeing how it pops up I am very glad I did!

This bucket pulls up with the handle and stands straight, it’s about 3.2 gallon fillable, and made of waterproof and tear resistant material.  It’s not, however, good for corrosive materials.  

This bag came in its own circular zippered bag, with a handle which makes it easy to grab and go.  

You can take this camping, boating, washing vehicles, Berry picking, beach, pretty much anywhere, especially since it folds up nicely and doesn’t take much room. 

This is a great little bucket to have, however, the bottom is lined with double sided tape so it might show signs of wear and tear, but should withstand.

I received this bucket free for my honest and unbiased opinion.   I’m not obligated in any way to leave my opinion, I do so on my own accord.   I personally read reviews before I purchase an item.   I like to make an educated purchase.  

If you’re interested in checking out the bucket, feel free to follow the below link


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