iCozy Toiletry Tote

Isn’t this cool?  I saw this and thought, how ingenious!  You know when you travel, hotel bathrooms are tiny, plug in’s are limited and its a pain to try to keep things organized.  I thought, being the skeptic that I am, that it wouldn’t work either…well guess I was wrong!

This ICozy Toiletry Tote works great!  It’s a great case for your toiletry items, has lining inside it, to keep any wet items contained, with nice thick zippers, (I cannot stand those thin cheap zippers on items, they break easily).  This lining is water resistant.  The bottom of this case is the electric charger section.  This as 2 AC Outlets and 4 USB Ports! The ends each have handles, so it’s easy to grab and go.  You can plug in a hairdryer if need be, curling iron, electric toothbrush…recharge your phones, anything.  This doesn’t have to just be used for toiletry items, this would be great for the office as well.  The cord and plug to plug it into the main power source is heavy duty.

Im VERY happy with this bag, I originally bought this as a gift, but I think I may end up keeping this instead!  Great gift item though!

I did purchase this ICozy Charging Toiletry bag at a discount for my honest opinion.  My receiving a discount has absolutely no impact on my opinion at all. It’s nice to get things on sale, but doesn’t mean you’re going to love all the items you purchase at a sale price right?  Same applies here.  I do like this item, and I’m very happy to give my two cents.

If you are interested in checking this item out, follow the link I provide below, and enjoy!


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