Ivation Dash Cam, 32GB HD 1080p GPS Tracking, Video & Audio Recorder, WiFi Download, Motion Detection, Low Light Dashcam, Best Dashboard Camera for Car & Truck (Includes Extra Dash Mount)

I bought this dashcam, I wanted to check it out, see how these things worked, and install it on my van to see what it would record.  It’s actually a neat thing to have, let’s hope you don’t get into an accident, but if you ever did, this dashcam would have a recording for you of the accident, and voila!!

This Dashcam has a built in GPS and a G-Sensor, which overrides any programming in the event of any impact and automatically goes into emergency mode and records.  This has motion detection, and parking detection, goes on automatically when the vehicle is turned on, great for vandalism proof as well.

This camera is TINY…I honestly thought it would be bigger (even though, yes specs are provided in description), but it’s small, easy to set up, and works.  In saying it works, I am having issues getting it to connect to the Life Cam Remote App that you need to install on your Iphone or Android.  The company IS working on the issue, and Im sure the app will be up and running correctly in no time.  This Dashcam does come with all the attachments  you need to run it with.

I did receive this Dashcam at a discount for my honest opinion.  In saying that, this discount has no impact on my review of this.  I read reviews on products before I purchase, so I may make an education decision before spending money on anything.  I give opinions on full price or discounted items.   As my husband would attest, I give my opinion often to frequently! lol

If you care to check this item out, please feel free to follow the link below I’ve provided.  Enjoy!


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