Pizza or Chinese?

Ok so who’s with me on this?  After I’ve gone grocery shopping the LAST thing I want to do is cook!  Yes I know I have it better than even my mom did, there wasn’t fast food delivery after a long day of cleaning, grocery shopping then putting away, when I was growing up.

The thought of grabbing some of that well thought-out purchased food after I just fought the fridge and the cabinets to cram that stuff in, just makes me want to scream.

So what shall it be tonight?  I chose pizza.  To top that off, a MEATZZZA pizza.  Extra meat, and hand tossed crust.  I am, however, putting together a salad with the items I thoughtfully purchased earlier, to go with the stomach boggling meat, grease and carbs that we will be ingesting for dinner.

My husband, I’m sure will be thrilled to come home after a long day wearing combat boots, to pizza and a salad (at least in my mind he’s smiling and saying thank you, but we all know reality and fantasy are two totally different things).  I will add that I chose a great salad mix; fresh spring greens, sliced beets, carrots, celery, feta cheese, and some really yummy dressing.  I’m the type that likes to add olives (green AND black), cheese, sesame seeds, bacon bits, any assorted fruit, and nuts to my salad.

Sometimes chinese is the way to go, you can eat those combo dinners for a couple days, at least we can in this house.  Saves cooking for a dinner and the following day lunch.  When it’s just two for dinner, sometimes more economical as well.

When the kids are home for summer, or we have company, yes I make huge dinners, and we have a routine, but for now….pizza!  Enjoy!pizza

3 Replies to “Pizza or Chinese?”

  1. I’m the same way, I do NOT want to cook after shopping, cleaning, and such. I tend to do it all on one day a week (the major cleaning and shopping) and I want to reward myself with a night off. That pizza looks AMAZING!

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