Acrylic / PMMA Carafe Decanter Drink bottle Beverage container Kettle 1.6 L ( 0.42 us gal ) Sold by: Shenzhen SIKEFEIERDE E-Commerce Co., Ltd.

Ok, so I rarely am awfully finicky about shipping or products, as long as they were a decent price.  This  Carafe Decanter drink bottle is ok.  I’m not thrilled with the fact it came wrapped like it was done by my brother or son, like someone who just grabbed a used box and made it fit to the object.  Granted, it wasn’t damaged, but this decanter showed up scratched and looked like it had been run through the dishwasher a time or two.

I did contact the seller, and he did assure me the item is brand new, and perhaps the decanter was “scratched” during shipping, and explained that the shipping itself was done personally as shipping is expensive.  I agree with him, shipping is expensive, but if you run a business and expect people to want to buy items from you again, you might want to ensure that it’s appropriately packaged and an item that doesn’t look like it’s been used.  Please know that there is no evidence of food, even that it had been washed, but you know when you see something in your cupboard that you’ve had for awhile, and has been washed once or twice or 20 times and there are minute scratches, dings, etc?  Well, quite honestly that’s what this reminds me of.

This might be great to use regardless, I will wash and disinfect thoroughly, and then either use or give away.  It’s not something I would purchase again, quite honestly.  I absolutely do NOT like giving poor opinions on anything I purchase, but I did spend money on this item, and in the letter from the seller there was no offer or sending another or refund.  I do understand incidents happen, and I waited for some time before posting this as I was hopeful, but I think I waited long enough.

If you care to check out this item for yourself, please click the below link and enjoy 🙂

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