Anmao Jewelry 1 Pair 18k White Gold Plated Ear Cuff Stud Earrings Ear Cuff Jewelry Cuff Earrings Crystal Chandelier CZ Stud Earrings Dangle Ear Cuff for Pierced Ears ML017 Sold by: BlossomWater

These ear cuff studd earrings are so pretty. They will do as they say, act as a cuff for your earlobe, and then there are small dangling gems on the bottom, that make it look longer and make it look very elegant.

The studs are made of bronze, silver coated and are lead free, hypoallergenic, cadmium free and nickel free.  The length is 4.5cm and will jazz up any item you’re wearing and need the accessories for.  The gems are made of cubic zirconia and have a very elegant gift box included.

The company gives a full one year warranty on these earrings, on manufacturer and material defect.  I’d say that’s a pretty good warranty.

I received these earrings free.  Please don’t assume because I received these earrings free, that I am in any way obligated to leave an opinion or review.  I do so on my own accord, as I like to research and read reviews on items I want to purchase so I have an educated purchase.

If you are interested in checking these out, please click the below link and enjoy!!

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