AZMED Ice Bag – Hot and Cold Reusable Pack 9 inch – Blue Color

So who hasn’t needed a hot or cold pack in their lifetime?  I know I have needed one, and they are actually not that easy to come by unless you dig far back in the shelves at a store.  I ordered the blue one, as I know my son and husband would never use a pink one or any vibrant color, lol.

Simply place ice in the opening, and the top is a screw top, that securely fastens and doesn’t allow leaks.  To utilize the hot side, simply heat water in a microwave safe container, and pour into your hot pack, and secure the lid.  There is no leaking, no melting.  No more melting or leaks on your skin from other packs that you may have used in the past.

This is made with allergy free materials, is washable, (not in washing machine, you should wash by hand) and air dry.  There is no funky plastic smell like you might expect either.  Great ice pack for your headache, hangover, injury or whatever you might need ice for, and also a great hot pack for whatever you might need hot for.

I did receive this item at a discount, but I am under absolutely no obligation to leave a review or opinion.  I do so on my own accord.  I happen to read reviews on my own so I can make an educated purchase before spending my own money, so I do the same, so others may benefit from my experience.

If you are interested in any way to check this out, click the below link and enjoy!

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