Dimayar 4 Packs 15.7″x15.7″x3.3″ Resuable Cotton Canvas Tote Bag for Women&Tote Handbags for Girls Women Shoulder Bag Grocery Shopping Bags Tote Bags for Crafting and Decorating

What can I say about canvas bags?  They are a huge upgrade to plastic grocery bags.  Better for our environment and our pockets.  These bags came in a set of four, in a very nice plastic bag that zips and unzips.  Very nicely presented in my opinion.  It’s nice to have something to store your bags in if necessary, and if not, you have a little zippered bag that will work for something else perfectly.

These bags are 100% cotton, and washable (my favorite part).  These would be easy to tye-dye, as well as embroider, or anything else you’d like to decorate these bags with if you should decide to.  Bling them out!

The handles are 13 inches in length, and the bags themselves are 15.7×15.7.  Nice size for whatever it is you may need them for.  I personally leave all my grocery shopping bags in the vehicle, so I don’t forget.  However, in saying that, doesn’t mean I don’t forget them when I walk into the store lol.

So I received this set of bags free.  I am under absolutely no obligation to leave my opinion, I do so on my own accord.  I like to read reviews and opinions on items I’m about to spend my hard earned cash on, so I have educated knowledge on the product.

If you are interested in the product, please feel free to click the link I provided below, and check it out!  They really are a great value.  Enjoy!!



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