Helichrysum Essential Oil 1 fl oz 100% Pure & Natural Premium Grade – Ideal for Sunburn Relief, Acne Treatment and Pain Relief Sold by: Luxor Investments

So I’m an Essential Oil User/Collector.  I love having my essential oils to use for natural remedies.  This Helichrysum is a wonderful quality grade oil, and I love that it comes with a dropper to dispense easily.

Helichrysum hails from the Asteraceae plant family and is native to the Mediterranean region.   This oil has been used for medicinal remedies for thousands of years, in countries like Italy, Spain, Turkey, Portugal, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Several scientific studies of this oil have been conducted to verify the validity of this essential oil, over the last few decades.  As a result of these studies, it has been found to legitimately help as an antibacterial, antifungal and an anti-inflammatory. This oil is great for treating wounds, digestive problems, wounds, respitory, nervous system, heart health and respiratory issues.  Although this can help in these issues, this is not a miracle oil and will not cure you instantly, so please follow your doctor’s recommendations, and you should also make sure you’re not allergic. Follow the directions very carefully that are given on the bottle itself.

I did receive this essential oil at a discount, but I am under absolutely no obligation to leave my opinion.  I do so, so someone can benefit from my experience.  I check reviews on items I purchase before I spend my hard earned money, so I have an educated purchase on my hands.

If you decide you’d like to give this a try, click the link I provided below and enjoy!


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