Cinnamon Essential Oil 4 Fl. Oz. With a Glass Dropper – 100% Pure & Natural Therapeutic Grade. Great As Natural Disinfectant, Odor Neutralizer, Insect Repellent & Massage Oil Sold by: Luxor Investments

I’ve written often about essential oils on here, but I truly believe in their benefits. Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil has many uses.   For example, it’s a great bug repellent, it helps Aid in inflammation, it’s great to add in a diffuser for aroma (I mix it with a few other oils to create an autumn like smell or whatever scent you’re in the mood for).

I love the fact that this oil came with a dropper, it makes it so much easier to use. 

I did receive this oil discounted.   I mean under no obligation to give an opinion .   I provide my opinion on my own accord . 

If you’re interested in checking out the product, grab the link below!

260 ft Reflective Bird Repellent Tape | Affordable, Easy to Use, Damage-Free & Safe Bird Deterrent Solution | 1.9″ Double Sided Scare Tape by Banshren

This reflective 260 feet Bird Repellent Tape helps keep damage to a minimum on any of your patio, porch, deck, back yard  and garden. Mostly from damage from the bird poo that can eat away finish off anything it touches.

The bright silver and green or silver and red makes it a bit prettier to look at while it’s protecting your finishes.  This roll, coming in 260ft, makes it easy to finish a job covering an area or two, or three, that you’re trying to protect and detract birds from.  I honestly had never heard of tape or reflective material deterring birds, but I did some research and from what I’ve read it does a great job without harming the birds.

I did receive this tape free.  I am in no way obligated to render an opinion for the discount. I look at reviews before purchasing any item, and spending my hard earned cash on.  I like to reciprocate the effort, to help others.

If you care to check this item out, and perhaps save your finishes on any part of your house that birds seem to like to hang around at, grab this link and enjoy!

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