Cinnamon Essential Oil 4 Fl. Oz. With a Glass Dropper – 100% Pure & Natural Therapeutic Grade. Great As Natural Disinfectant, Odor Neutralizer, Insect Repellent & Massage Oil Sold by: Luxor Investments

I’ve written often about essential oils on here, but I truly believe in their benefits. Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil has many uses.   For example, it’s a great bug repellent, it helps Aid in inflammation, it’s great to add in a diffuser for aroma (I mix it with a few other oils to create an autumn like smell or whatever scent you’re in the mood for).

I love the fact that this oil came with a dropper, it makes it so much easier to use. 

I did receive this oil discounted.   I mean under no obligation to give an opinion .   I provide my opinion on my own accord . 

If you’re interested in checking out the product, grab the link below!

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