Kangaroo’s Giant Swan Pool Float; 78 1/2″ Inflatable Raft

Ok so to tag along with the pink flamingo, you KNOW I had to get this Swan float as well.  About 7 feet tall, and I cannot wait to use it this summer!  Made of durable vinyl, it will hold up to lots of use.

If this doesn’t fit my pool, it will definately fit in the lake!  I had taken it out of the box and blown it up, but upon returning from an errand it was deflated and put back in the box (uggh husbands, lol).

I received this float at a discount, but that in no way is a requirement for a review or an opinion.

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Kangaroo 10167 Gigantic Flamingo Pool Float;78-Inch Inflatable Raft

Now how cool is this!!!  I cannot wait for summer time to come around and actually use this!  How cool to have a gigantic flamingo to float around on in the water.  All I’ll need is a floating bar to hold my ice tea, wine or wine coolers, and I’ll be happy!

This flamingo is very thick vinyl and should hold up to wear and tear pretty well.  I know with my teenagers, it had better, lol.  I took it out of the package, and before I could get back home after an errand, my husband had packed it back up (ugggh).  Very cool float and I cannot wait to use this thing at our new place!

I did receive this product at a discount, but it’s not a requirement to leave a review or opinion, thats on my own accord.

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Sackpack – Best Drawstring Bag for School, Sports, Hiking & Travel by Run Baby Sport (pink)

I bought this pink drawstring bag for my daughter who likes to go to the gym at her dorm at college.  This bag is perfectly sized.  She doesn’t like anything big or bulky, but this will carry everything she needs.

This is a drawstring bag, and zips in the front with an extra storage for phones, keys, tablets, small snacks.  This bag folds flat when not in use and stores away easily.  There is a limited lifetime warranty on this product.

I did receive a discount on this product, but that in no way requires me leaving a review or an opinon.  I do so on my own accord.

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Vesfashion Red 9.44″x7.67″x7.08″ Reusable Insulated Lunch Bag Lunch Box Bento Lunch Box Lunch Boxes for Adults Reusable Bags Lunch Healthy Lunch Boxes Lunch Bags for Women Lunch Bag

What a great little lunch bag!  Perfect in size, insulated and cute!  This bag has front pockets to slip in maybe that granola bar or that chocolate bar you would like after your lunch for the sugar high and low you should expect after 😉

This bag has a flap to close the top so items don’t spill out if you drop it or if it tips over somehow.  When I received it, I thought it was small, and wouldn’t work, but it worked perfectly!  The bag is quite deep, 7 inches, so there is quite a bit of room.

The bag is insulated so if you put a freezer cooler in the bag it will keep your food cool that needs to stay cool.  I love the red and white stripes, it’s festive and distinguishes it as mine, I can’t see my husband nor son grabbing it.

I did receive this bag at a discount.  Receiving a discount in no way makes it mandatory for me to leave an opinion, I do so on my own accord.


If you are interested in checking this item out, click this link and enjoy!



Cafford Collapsible Travel Dog Bowl for Food & Water With Clips & Whistles 3 PCS/ Set

So it’s been awhile since I’ve reviewed anything.  Life has been extremely busy, and wrapping up holidays seemed to drag on.

We like to take day trips or overnight trips, and our furbaby tags along sometimes.  When we stop to let him use the restroom we also make sure he has a drink.

These little bowls are perfect size for traveling.  They collapse and have color-coordinated whistles attached to them. They are made of BPA free silicone and totally safe. Dishwasher safe makes me happy.

I did receive these bowls at a discount.  This discount does not ensure a review of good, bad or ugly, any opinion is of my own accord and due to the fact I like to write.

If you’re interested in checking them out follow this link and enjoy!