Kangaroo 10167 Gigantic Flamingo Pool Float;78-Inch Inflatable Raft

Now how cool is this!!!  I cannot wait for summer time to come around and actually use this!  How cool to have a gigantic flamingo to float around on in the water.  All I’ll need is a floating bar to hold my ice tea, wine or wine coolers, and I’ll be happy!

This flamingo is very thick vinyl and should hold up to wear and tear pretty well.  I know with my teenagers, it had better, lol.  I took it out of the package, and before I could get back home after an errand, my husband had packed it back up (ugggh).  Very cool float and I cannot wait to use this thing at our new place!

I did receive this product at a discount, but it’s not a requirement to leave a review or opinion, thats on my own accord.

If you are interested in checking this out, click the link below and enjoy!





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