Vesfashion Red 9.44″x7.67″x7.08″ Reusable Insulated Lunch Bag Lunch Box Bento Lunch Box Lunch Boxes for Adults Reusable Bags Lunch Healthy Lunch Boxes Lunch Bags for Women Lunch Bag

What a great little lunch bag!  Perfect in size, insulated and cute!  This bag has front pockets to slip in maybe that granola bar or that chocolate bar you would like after your lunch for the sugar high and low you should expect after 😉

This bag has a flap to close the top so items don’t spill out if you drop it or if it tips over somehow.  When I received it, I thought it was small, and wouldn’t work, but it worked perfectly!  The bag is quite deep, 7 inches, so there is quite a bit of room.

The bag is insulated so if you put a freezer cooler in the bag it will keep your food cool that needs to stay cool.  I love the red and white stripes, it’s festive and distinguishes it as mine, I can’t see my husband nor son grabbing it.

I did receive this bag at a discount.  Receiving a discount in no way makes it mandatory for me to leave an opinion, I do so on my own accord.


If you are interested in checking this item out, click this link and enjoy!


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