Waterproof Bluetooth Earbud, Realproof Mini Wireless Earphone with Mic, Bluetooth V4.2 Single Handsfree Invisible Earpiece Noise Reducing Wireless Earbud for iPhone Samsung and Other Smart Phones by Realproof


I purchased this Waterproof Bluetooth Earbud, even though I do have auto-connect in my vehicle, but sometimes you don’t want your entire vehicle full of people listening in to your conversations.

This is always a wonderful asset and I keep it in my purse, so I have it handy whether I’m driving or not.  It’s much handier then trying to hold a phone up to my ear all the time.  This earbud fits perfectly in my ear, doesn’t slip out at all, which is great since a lot of the ones on the market don’t fit my ears just right.  It’s very comfortable, and I barely tell it’s in my ear.  It comes with a waterproof case that will slide over the entire earbud and extra inner ear covers.  This all comes in a nice round zippered case, with the USB plug to charge it with.  It fits in the palm of my hand, literally.

The power off and on button is easy to access, and it tells you “power on” or “power off” as you click it.  When there is an incoming call, you simply press the same button as the power off and on, and it will tell you the number calling and give you the chance to answer it.

The sound quality is amazing! I honestly wasn’t expecting this to be as clear and concise as it is.

The charge lasts for HOURS!  I left it on all day purposely and in my pocket or ear to test this theory, and I’ll tell you, it far surpassed what I thought it would last!

I’ve never been a big fan of earbuds, as they have always bothered my ears, but this is PERFECT for me!  I’m so glad that I got it.

This was worth my time and money!  I’ve posted the link above so you can check out the product yourself, even if you don’t want one or are just shopping around for one, check this out.

DISCLAIMER:      I do review for products, but in no way shape or form do I pad my reviews.  I give clear and honest reviews, since I read reviews before I purchase products, I mean who wants to waste money and time?  #reviewsbydeneen

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