Sunseatime Womens Casual Dresses Long Sleeve Tshirt Dress With Pockets Striped Color Block


Purchased this Casual Dress to wear with leggings.  It actually fit my daughter better as a sundress or a bathing suit cover.  It’s a very cute dress!

Very soft, almost velvety feel to it, with pockets on the side to place your sunglasses, cell phone or keys.  I love the light blue color with the stripes, it’s a very striking color scheme.

The skirt part itself offers a bit of a sway when you walk.  Very loose fitting and comfortable.  The material is thin, so definitely not for a winter outfit, unless you’re warm blooded.  The length reaches just above my daughter’s knees.

Very cute outfit for casual wear or you could even dress it up with a pair of heels and some nice jewelry.

Not a bad investment for the price and the quality is great.

I do review from time to time, and I will give my honest opinion, no matter what.  I read reviews before I spend money on an item, I honestly have no desire to waste time and money returning items after I’ve purchased so I’m quite conscientious about what I write.

In my opinion, this is a good deal and very good quality.


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