Sunseatime Womens Casual Tunic Tops Plaid Patchwork Long Sleeve T Shirts Pullover Sweatshirt



Super cute and warm shirt!  Light enough for fall, and I love the purple!  I thought I’d get it for myself, but my daughter snagged it on me!  A little large on her but she loved it (even though not the day she tried it on, since it was a muggy warm day).

This fits below the waist and will look great with jeans or maybe even a long skirt.  Super soft, and very well made, my daughter hasn’t had any issues with it, although fall here has just started, so hasn’t gotten a lot of wear out of it yet.  Washes well and retains shape.

The color scheme of the black checker and the purple are very sharp together.  This could be worn casual or dressy, depending on your accessorizing skills.

I review from time to time and give honest opinions…that are MY opinions, and not forced on me.  I read reviews when I go to research something before purchasing, especially since money isn’t easy to come by, and neither is time.

I highly recommend this product!


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