tiny chirpers




Watching the robins feed their chirping, always hungry babies while waiting for our dinner to finish cooking on the grill is a treat and entertaining.

These two precocious birds made their lavish nest in the huge unruly bush that adjoins our back deck.  I’m not entirely sure if they felt that we could be trusted or they were running out of options and took the chance.

They take turns standing guard as the other goes in search of some delectable worm, or bug nugget to feed their tiny chirpers.  Each time the chosen hunter comes back with it’s prized catch he or she (I can’t tell either way, and definitely don’t know if a magnifying glass would help) will perch on top of our roof, watching our every move, and scanning the rest of the area surrounding us to make sure we aren’t about to get up and grab the tiny chirpers, or, as my 4-H and forestry educated husband will point out, make sure no other scavengers will find their carefully plotted nest and eat their chirpy, ravenous family.

As soon as each parent feels it’s safe from predators and ensures we aren’t moving, they dive into the overgrown bush and feed their young.  This goes on all day, and well into the evening.  Tonight, they seemed to be a bit more accustomed to seeing us or are learning that we aren’t a threat to their tiny chirpers, as they got closer to our level while on the roof, instead of the very top.

After cleaning up the evening meal (grilled pork chops, brown rice for me, baked potatoes for the rest, and corn-on-the-cob that was advertised as sweet but was anything BUT) I decided to jump in the small, in-ground salt water pool that we have for my daily exercise.  I try to accomplish 40 minutes of water aerobics, which typically ends at 20 minutes.  Tonight, was no exception.

I noticed one of the robins was perched on our finch bird feeder garden hook watching me.  I couldn’t figure out if this red-breasted non-stop feeding machine was thinking about joining me, in this Olympic sized bird bath, or if it thought I was insane.

I think I will go with a fifty-fifty verdict.