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Sunseatime Womens Casual Tunic Tops Plaid Patchwork Long Sleeve T Shirts Pullover Sweatshirt



Super cute and warm shirt!  Light enough for fall, and I love the purple!  I thought I’d get it for myself, but my daughter snagged it on me!  A little large on her but she loved it (even though not the day she tried it on, since it was a muggy warm day).

This fits below the waist and will look great with jeans or maybe even a long skirt.  Super soft, and very well made, my daughter hasn’t had any issues with it, although fall here has just started, so hasn’t gotten a lot of wear out of it yet.  Washes well and retains shape.

The color scheme of the black checker and the purple are very sharp together.  This could be worn casual or dressy, depending on your accessorizing skills.

I review from time to time and give honest opinions…that are MY opinions, and not forced on me.  I read reviews when I go to research something before purchasing, especially since money isn’t easy to come by, and neither is time.

I highly recommend this product!


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Sunseatime Womens Casual Dresses Long Sleeve Tshirt Dress With Pockets Striped Color Block


Purchased this Casual Dress to wear with leggings.  It actually fit my daughter better as a sundress or a bathing suit cover.  It’s a very cute dress!

Very soft, almost velvety feel to it, with pockets on the side to place your sunglasses, cell phone or keys.  I love the light blue color with the stripes, it’s a very striking color scheme.

The skirt part itself offers a bit of a sway when you walk.  Very loose fitting and comfortable.  The material is thin, so definitely not for a winter outfit, unless you’re warm blooded.  The length reaches just above my daughter’s knees.

Very cute outfit for casual wear or you could even dress it up with a pair of heels and some nice jewelry.

Not a bad investment for the price and the quality is great.

I do review from time to time, and I will give my honest opinion, no matter what.  I read reviews before I spend money on an item, I honestly have no desire to waste time and money returning items after I’ve purchased so I’m quite conscientious about what I write.

In my opinion, this is a good deal and very good quality.


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CNJFJ Women’s Bell Bottom Jeans High Waist Denim Wide Leg Full Length Pants


I bought these for my daughter, who I knew would love them.  She was skeptical at first, wasn’t sure she would wear them at all.  They run on the thin side for material, but that is what she loves about them.  She doesn’t like the thicker material in jeans at all.

They wear nicely around her waist, no bulge at the back (as she is rather thin and typically needs a belt).  She doesn’t need to wear a belt with these jeans, they conform to her very well.  The lighter color in certain areas make them seem worn in and comfortable.

Length is perfect for her, as she is very tall, and has a hard time finding something that works with her length.  Very cute pants for her and I’m glad I purchased them.

I think anyone would really like these if you prefer the thinner material in jeans.

I do reviews, but I give honest and fair reviews, as I read them myself before spending time and money on anything.  Who wants to have to return something and waste time?  Not this chick.  Worth the money and the time.


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Waterproof Bluetooth Earbud, Realproof Mini Wireless Earphone with Mic, Bluetooth V4.2 Single Handsfree Invisible Earpiece Noise Reducing Wireless Earbud for iPhone Samsung and Other Smart Phones by Realproof

I purchased this Waterproof Bluetooth Earbud, even though I do have auto-connect in my vehicle, but sometimes you don’t want your entire vehicle full of people listening in to your conversations.

This is always a wonderful asset and I keep it in my purse, so I have it handy whether I’m driving or not.  It’s much handier then trying to hold a phone up to my ear all the time.  This earbud fits perfectly in my ear, doesn’t slip out at all, which is great since a lot of the ones on the market don’t fit my ears just right.  It’s very comfortable, and I barely tell it’s in my ear.  It comes with a waterproof case that will slide over the entire earbud and extra inner ear covers.  This all comes in a nice round zippered case, with the USB plug to charge it with.  It fits in the palm of my hand, literally.

The power off and on button is easy to access, and it tells you “power on” or “power off” as you click it.  When there is an incoming call, you simply press the same button as the power off and on, and it will tell you the number calling and give you the chance to answer it.

The sound quality is amazing! I honestly wasn’t expecting this to be as clear and concise as it is.

The charge lasts for HOURS!  I left it on all day purposely and in my pocket or ear to test this theory, and I’ll tell you, it far surpassed what I thought it would last!

I’ve never been a big fan of earbuds, as they have always bothered my ears, but this is PERFECT for me!  I’m so glad that I got it.

This was worth my time and money!  I’ve posted the link above so you can check out the product yourself, even if you don’t want one or are just shopping around for one, check this out.

DISCLAIMER:      I do review for products, but in no way shape or form do I pad my reviews.  I give clear and honest reviews, since I read reviews before I purchase products, I mean who wants to waste money and time?  #reviewsbydeneen

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Kangaroo’s Giant Swan Pool Float; 78 1/2″ Inflatable Raft

Ok so to tag along with the pink flamingo, you KNOW I had to get this Swan float as well.  About 7 feet tall, and I cannot wait to use it this summer!  Made of durable vinyl, it will hold up to lots of use.

If this doesn’t fit my pool, it will definately fit in the lake!  I had taken it out of the box and blown it up, but upon returning from an errand it was deflated and put back in the box (uggh husbands, lol).

I received this float at a discount, but that in no way is a requirement for a review or an opinion.

If you are interested in checking this out, click the below link and enjoy!


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Kangaroo 10167 Gigantic Flamingo Pool Float;78-Inch Inflatable Raft

Now how cool is this!!!  I cannot wait for summer time to come around and actually use this!  How cool to have a gigantic flamingo to float around on in the water.  All I’ll need is a floating bar to hold my ice tea, wine or wine coolers, and I’ll be happy!

This flamingo is very thick vinyl and should hold up to wear and tear pretty well.  I know with my teenagers, it had better, lol.  I took it out of the package, and before I could get back home after an errand, my husband had packed it back up (ugggh).  Very cool float and I cannot wait to use this thing at our new place!

I did receive this product at a discount, but it’s not a requirement to leave a review or opinion, thats on my own accord.

If you are interested in checking this out, click the link below and enjoy!




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Sackpack – Best Drawstring Bag for School, Sports, Hiking & Travel by Run Baby Sport (pink)

I bought this pink drawstring bag for my daughter who likes to go to the gym at her dorm at college.  This bag is perfectly sized.  She doesn’t like anything big or bulky, but this will carry everything she needs.

This is a drawstring bag, and zips in the front with an extra storage for phones, keys, tablets, small snacks.  This bag folds flat when not in use and stores away easily.  There is a limited lifetime warranty on this product.

I did receive a discount on this product, but that in no way requires me leaving a review or an opinon.  I do so on my own accord.

If you are interested in checking this item out, click the following link and enjoy!