Back to School~So Bittersweet

Ok so school started back up for both my college bound kids.  Our son, moved himself in, packed his truck, hugged me goodbye and off he went.  (He’s only about an hour and half away).  We have seen him a couple times since.  Hunting season is upon us, so you know he needs to get ready for that, right?  Every time he walks in and out, already so independent, I just want to ask “don’t you need me”?  Secretly not sure what answer I wanted lol)
Our daughter goes three hours away, so her trip requires a little bit of strategic planning.   (Good thing that’s my husband’s job for work).

So we have our neighborhood Labor Day BBQ, which, of course, is near our home, so after a great afternoon of amazing food, wonderful friends (we have been blessed with awesome neighors), kids having water balloon fights and trash bags full of our afternoon feast debris, we cleaned up, then started packing our daughter’s college bound belongings.

Have I told you I don’t move very fast? Thanks to my OA, RA and Fibromyalgia, it takes me quite awhile to get moving enough to actually say I’m ready.  430am came QUICK.  

Two travel coffee mugs later, we are out the door, dad, mom & daughter.   Three hours later we are at her college where she runs into a few friends from last year.  We get her keys, find a cart among the endangered cart preserve to load all her “stuff” up.  About an hour later she’s picked her bed, started unpacking, decided what she lacks, for our obligatory trip to the local department store, and we head out for another huge pile of “stuff”.

We get back, meet her roommate, help unload the final bin so we can again return the cart to the endangered cart corral.  My husband had to turn over his driver’s license to get one of those endangered carts! 🤓

Our only 19 year old daughter turns, says “ok you can go now”.  We offer lunch, offer anymore shopping (yeah I know we are procrastinating), she replies “nope I’m good”.
Needless to say, I’m bereft, but happy, too.  As much as we all knew it was time, it’s hard to see her want to do it all herself.  It means we’ve done what we are meant to do as parents….bittersweet.

Knowing you’ve done all you can (even though there are days you really wish you could start over, knowing what you know now), helps ease the empty ache as they walk out the door into a life of their own.

With today’s technology (I grew up BEFORE Internet, before cell phones, THANK THE HEAVENS), it’s easy to reach out.  It gives a bit of comfort knowing they are just a phone call, text, Facebook message, tweet (if I ever learn how), Skype, Instagram or Snap chat  (again, if I ever learn) away.

100% Pure Australian Tea Tree Essential Oil Review

I bought this Tea Tree Essential oil to use in our home. This oil has so many uses I could possibly write a biography for it. Tea Tree is commonly used for its antiseptic properties, to heal wounds, to cure ringworm, many people are now using it in their face washes, showers (made in soaps), shampoos. These are just a few things. It’s a definite staple in your medicine cabinet.
Tea Tree has been used for thousands of years, it’s a derivative of Australia, and it comes from the plant, Melaleuca Alternifolia.
I know some people that use it in daily household cleaning as well. It removes mold, some people add it to their laundry soap.
Acne seems to be one of the top uses for topical, as well as cuts, and sores. It also has been known to help with psoriasis and eczema, not a cure all, but to help relieve the outbursts and pain.
This oil from First Botany is 100% Pure grade, and very much worth your investment in natural health. Even though I received this product discounted, since I’ve done a review, I’d still boast about this oil. My reviews are 100% honest, and for me, a 4 star is great.
DISCLAIMER: I received this product discounted in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Tupper Lake or Bust

So we went with our college bound daughter to the Wild Center in Tupper Lake, New York.  Check out their website

The crisp pre-fall breeze mixed with sunshine was wonderful!  It was a lot of walking, but quite honestly (I can say this now since I’ve put my feet up and resting from the walking), it was very much worth it.

The ‘last minute before school’ families were there,  as their kids were running from one end to the other.  The Nature Walk Trail is amazing.  You walk through a very nicely groomed path, to the bridge paths, with tons of information about the birds, insects, nests, spiders and more, that are natural inhabitants of the Adirondack region.   You wind up in a huge replica Eagles nest, overlooking breathtaking scenery.

We took some wonderful pictures, perused the gift shop, I even chatted with a sweet little girl who sat bravely next to the lady, that had to have the look of physical defeat on her face 😁.

We left the Wild Center, heading towards Long Lake NY and the little towns along the way (Inlet, Eagles Bay, Old Forge) and decided to stop at a hidden gem, Daikers, between Inlet and Old Forge.  If you haven’t been there yet, you must check it out!  Gorgeous scenery overlooking Long Lake, great food, great service.
A few more stops along the way in Old Forge and Just outside of Lowville at a country store for pure local honey, and homeward bound we are.

Great memories to have with our daughter,  days we will cherish throughout the years.

Bear With Me

You would think I’d have everything I wanted to write, already in my head?  Well, not me.  I seem to just let whatever pour out, and sometimes it’s good, sometimes not so good.

I’m learning this,  on my own, so please bear with me as I fumble through what I hope will be a decent blog site, with a plethora of information and readers.

I am a 50 year YOUNG married woman with two kids.  Twins to be exact, and the boy/girl combo, and no, they aren’t identical (yes I get asked that a lot).  They are now 19, so in college now.  We actually got through high school without incident.  As I get this blog site up and running properly I will be introducing some information that got me through the years as a military spouse, a stay at home, disabled, mother of twins.

Thank you for stopping by, I promise this adventure will be worth it. (I hope)!