Cosmos® 8 Pcs Case Resettable 5 Digit LCD Electronic Finger Counter Hand Tally (Black, Hot Pink, Green, Blue)

I’m learning to crotchet, and that in itself is a struggle, and the struggle is real people, lol. This little gadget is neat!  You simply size it to your finger (little holes like a watch would have), slide it onto your finger and the button is easy to reach to count each crotchet or line you do.  I’m trying desperately to learn patterns, and this is actually helping.  Certain patterns require so many of one type stitch while another requires a different and each have different counts.  This 8-pc set comes in four different colors, so if you wanted one for one type stitch, and another for a different type stitch, it’s easy to keep separate.

I’m glad I purchased these handy-dandy little counters.  I have a feeling I’ll be using them ALOT.  Might even end up throwing them since I will get frustrated with my inability to crotchet like a pro from the start, lol.  Just for the record, I purchased these at full price, and I happen to think it’s an excellent price for a bit of sanity while I learn a new craft 🙂


check it out here!!!

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