ZINK hAppy Travel Bag – A convenient way to carry and organize your hAppy or hAppy+ and hAppy Accessories.

I absolutely love this bag. I bought it the day after I bought my Zink Printer. I loved the printer so much, I plan on using it frequently so I bought the case to travel with it. Separate compartments to hold all items safely, and a long strap to attach to it, with padding on the shoulder part, for more comfort.

The enclosure tab is a snap together tab with locks so it won’t just open on it’s own and dump anything out. The inside of the bag, on top-are two flaps that join together to cover the opening, and have velcro on them so they will remain closed should you spill your bag. Great idea, so you don’t lose any items. I bought two extra print papers to go with the printer, and the cartridges fit perfectly. The printer itself fits in perfect, and allows for the cords that go with it.

The little rubberized tag hanging from the bag handle is a good idea as well, I plan on printing out a sticker/tag to place on there with my name and phone number in case it ever gets lost. The bag is sewn together nicely and I can’t foresee any fraying ends.

Im very very happy with this bag and I wanted to share my views on this bag in case anyone else was in the market for one.
DISCLAIMER: I bought this Zink hAppy Travel Bag at full price, I wanted to share my honest and unbiased review of this item for others, so they might make an informed decision before purchasing.

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